Blog: Coverall culture… but what else?

Back in 2016 when Helga started the Student Culture 2.0 initiate to find out what Helga members want Helga’s student culture to be like in the future, cultural and non-alcoholic events were raised as the main focus of this development. Helga’s Speksi, which is currently in its second production ever, was the first implementation of an idea produced by the Student Culture 2.0. But this is only a part of the story: a big emphasis was also in the community, and bringing together students with similar interests.

Student clubs and societies are a central part of student culture all over the world. In Haaga-Helia the foundation of our student culture has always been the petrol blue coveralls, but even the continuously expanding offering of different events by Helga and the student associations doesn’t meet the demand for regularly organized get-togethers focusing on a specific area of interest. While we’ve never really had a thriving ecosystem of student clubs compared to many universities in Finland – and especially Europe and Northern America – the past few years our club activity has clearly been even more in the background than before, with few people even being aware of its existence. It’s time to change that.

Helga’s Student Club Directive was renewed over the summer with the major change being the Student Club Committee, which consists of all active club leaders and a member from the Helga board. The committee meets once per semester, and aims to develop the club activity concept further. The process of forming a club has not been changed, and can easily be done with submitting an online application, which will be reviewed within a week.

The next step is naturally finding enthusiastic students to run club activity. In order to encourage students to take initiative, we conducted a survey about the club activity. While only a handful of the people who answered had actually taken a part in Helga’s club activity in the past, most of them were looking forward to the revival of an active club environment. The 10 most requested club ideas were:

-Video game club
-Movie club
-Language clubs
-Board game club
-Book club
-Sports clubs (especially football, badminton and floorball)
-Cooking club
-Photography club
-Crafts club

A special mention to a request for club activity where students with children can participate.

We also piloted a club activity kickoff event in Pasila on Friday 26.10. to bring together students who are interested in club activity. While the turnout wasn’t great, we had a good discussion about the future of student clubs and how to bring them to the awareness of students, and better yet, two new clubs were officially formed:

Helga eSports Club is looking to foster a community of esports enjoyment, sportsmanship, friendship, and student activism for all Haaga-Helia students. The club watches and plays many popular video games, including CS:GO, DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Overwatch, and already had their first official event, League of Legends World Championship Final Viewing Party, on Saturday 3.11. in Pasila Helga Kitchen.

Helga Club Tupa, which officially starts in January 2019, brings together the students who are interested in “nerd culture”. The club will watch movies, play board games and organize other activities relevant to the topic.

Also, in their Autumn meeting, Helga’s representative council granted a 50€ financial aid to Helga eSports Club to support the launch of the club’s activities.

We’re excited to see what the future brings, but the club activity has only been given a push. It’s up to you, the student community, to pick up from here; a thriving club ecosystem requires students not only to run the clubs, but also actively participate in them!

Everything you need to know about the Helga club activity can be found here!


Sami Ranta-aho
Vice-Chairperson of the Helga Board