Helga advocates students legitimately. But what does advocacy mean?

We at Helga want to secure and support the students of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences on their educational journey by making sure that they are able to study in fair conditions with good communications, equal treatment and appropriate courses. We are the voice of the students – in the UAS, on the municipal and national level.


Supporting the students in higher education

Helga does lobbying inside Haaga-Helia. We help individual students and influence the decisions and policies that reach through the entire educational institution. This way we can for example influence the quality of education, Haaga-Helia’s organisational structures and feedback practices.

Do you want to improve our UAS? If you have feedback concerning your studies, fill in the What’s wrong? -form.


The well-being of a student

In addition to the educational matters we do lobbying for students’ well-being. Helga contributes to the students’ well-being and current situation concerning for example equity and equality, living and livelihood.

Helga is also implementing an extensive “Year of Wellness” -campaign throughout the academic year 2019/2020. The goal of the campaign is not only to make students aware of the support network and services supporting well-being available for them, but also to increase awareness of the problems many students are facing.


The lobbying of municipalities is done together

Student unions at the metropolitan area lobby the municipalities together. The most important goals for our policies is to add the amount of student apartments, improve the condition of transportation on campus areas and improve the services students use every day. These come to concrete actions through our joint World Student Capital -network that is created by student unions from UAS’  and universities.
You can read more information about the WSC here!


The channels for students’ advocacy

Students are being offered countless ways to advocate inside Haaga-Helia, Helga and the overall educational environment. These ways include running for the representative council, becoming a tutor or a student representative in Haaga-Helia’s organisational structures. In these structures you can be a part of making changes, gaining valuable experience and great experiences. More information about different ways and channels of advocacy can be found here:
Representative council
Student representatives


In any other matters concerning advocacy, feel free to contact:

Sami Ranta-aho

Nelli Pihlasviita