Student representatives

Helga appoints student representatives to several school’s organs. These organs meet regularly to discuss about Haaga-Helia’s internal operations such as education in degree programs and guidelines of the university. You can find more information below.

Contact address for each member is unless stated otherwise.

Haaga-Helia Internal Board

Haaga-Helia Ltd.’s board is highest decision making forum in Haaga-Helia. Student union Helga’s representative has one position in the board. Place in the board offers a great view for all Haaga-Helia operations. Haaga-Helia Ltd.’s board has one position for students, and the student is chosen by Helga representative council for two years.

Student representative in Haaga-Helia Ltd. Board 2019-2020:
Auli Piiparinen

Collegiate Body

Haaga-Helia’s collegiate body decides on eg. degree regulations, curriculums and handles students’ complains. Collegiate body is lead by CEO Teemu Kokko.

Student representative: Tua Rope
Substitute: Krista-Mari Katajisto

Examination Committee

Examination committee handles complaints made by students about study related issues. Examination committee has one student spot.

Student representative: Tua Rope
Substitute: Aapomikko Matti

Scholarship committee for degrees with tuition fees

The committee decides about the distribution of the scholarships in the degree programmes with tuition fees.

Student representative: Anton Salenius

Restaurant Committee

Restaurant Committee has an informative role but no power for the contract between Kiinteistö Oy Opetustalo and restaurant entrepreneur. Restaurant Committee is a cooperative organ between Opetustalo, restaurant and bistro as well as the students and Haaga-Helia staff. Student Union Helga chooses 4 student representatives for one year. There are no substitutes for the members.

Members of Restaurant Committee 2019:

Aapomikko Matti
Sami Ranta-aho
Juho Hakanen
Joni Hildén

Advisory boards

In advisory boards the Haaga-Helia staff, students and companies representatives will meet and design the education of degree programs.

Business development
Student representative: Janne Hujakka

Student representative: Aapomikko Matti

Value through sales
Student representative: Petra Vatanen

HOAS delegation

The delegation is a governing body of the HOAS foundation, which can appoint up to three members to the foundation’s board of directors and choose at least one auditor to audit the foundation’s administration and accounts for the following year.

Helga’s representative: Joel Kettula
Substitute: Senja Keränen