Apply for the Helga board!

Do you want to build a better tomorrow for students? Helga is looking for a motivated doer to fill a vacant position in the board!

The work in the board itself does not specifically require prior experience, and all members of the board will be trained to the position. A genuine will to act and common sense are enough! The board position will grow your network, give you experience and skills in project management, presentation skills, office tools, organizational work, and task specific knowhow on educational politics, social politics, event organizing, corporate co-operation and leading volunteers.

Being in the board of Helga takes approximately between 50-100+ hours monthly depending on your own activity, your field of responsibility and time of the year. The position requires commitment and input, as the operations of the student union are broad, active and diverse.

Due to the amount of work, managing a board position, work and studying can be tough. Traditionally the saying is: pick two out of those three. Because the position requires a lot of work, the members of the board receive a monthly compensation of 300€ during the spring- and autumn semesters. The purpose of the compensation is to enable the time investment the board requires so that the board members for example don’t need to work in addition to Helga and studying. If the input of a board member does not meet the needs of the student union, the student union can deny the compensation or a part of it. The input is evaluated at least on a monthly basis.

We are looking for one (1) member of the board.

If you are interested, please send a free-form application by 23:59 on Thursday 22.08. via email to edustajisto@helga.fi. In your application please mention your full name, student number and why you wish to be in the board of Helga. The new board member will be elected in the representative council meeting on Friday 23.8., which starts at 17:00 in the Pasila auditorium. The applicants are requested to be present in the meeting, and you can also run for the position during the meeting.


More info:

Sami Ranta-aho
chairperson of the board