The Representative Council

The Representative Council is the ultimate authority in the student union Helga. The council consists of 20 members and 20 deputies, who are all elected by the members of the student union. The working language is Finnish. You can find this year’s council members below.

What does it do?

– Elects the members of the executive board of Helga
– Guides and supervises the acts of the executive board
– Confirm the previous years’ annual report and accounts
– Elects the student representatives to various posts
– Determine the level of the membership fee
– Confirm the next years plan of operation and budget
– Decides over the strategy and other guidelines of the student union

Who may attend the meetings?

Any member of Helga has the right to attend and right to speak in the meetings of the board of representatives. The board of representatives may, however, to decide to limit these rights during the meeting, if necessary. Usually there is also a live-stream of the meetings on Helga’s Facebook page.

I want to apply! How do I join the the Representative Council?

All members of the the Representative Council are elected by the members of Helga. To be able to participate in the decision-making process and the work of the council, you need to understand and be able to communicate in Finnish. If this is no problem, you will find more information about the elections and applying from here.

My question wasn’t answered here! Who can I send my question to?

You may send any question you have about the activities of Helga by contacting the council’s chairperson.



Agenda | Council meeting 6-2019

Agenda | Council meeting 5-2019 

Agenda | Spring meeting 4-2019

Agenda | Council meeting 3-2019

Agenda | Council meeting 2-2019

Agenda | Council meeting 1-2019

Agenda | Council meeting 6-2018

Agenda | Council meeting 5-2018

Agenda | Council meeting 4-2018

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Agenda | Assembly meeting (December 2017)

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Agenda | Council meeting 6-2017

Agenda | Council meeting 5-2017

Agenda | Spring meeting 4-2017

Agenda | Council meeting 3-2017

Agenda | Council meeting 2-2017

Agenda | Council meeting 1-2017

Agenda | Assembly meeting (December 2016)

Decision catalogs

Decision catalog | Council meeting 5-2018

Decision catalog | Council meeting 4-2018

Decision catalog | Council meeting 3-2018

Decision catalog | Council meeting 2-2018

Decision catalog | Council meeting 1-2018

Decision catalog | Assembly meeting (December 2017)

Decision catalog | Council meeting 2-2017

Decision catalog | Council meeting 1-2017

Decision catalog | Assenbly meeting (December 2016)

Representative Council 2019



Chairperson of the Representative Council
Ville Touronen



Vice-Chairperson of the Representative Council
Joonas Oksanen




1. Oksanen Joonas, HH United, (Vice-chairperson)

2. Jokihaara Maiju, PROTalko

3. Sillanpää Siru, HH United

4. Palm Alex, PROTalko

5. Järvinen Marleena, HSO-lista

6. Ylönen Mona, HH United

7. Seppälä Leevi, Atkins-lista

8. Hämäläinen Viivi, PROTalko

9. Jouppi Mira, HH United

10. Peuhkuri Ilona, HH United

11. Nisula Hanna, PROTalko

12. Matti Aapomikko, Helgan edistykselliset

13. Niskanen Evita, HSO-lista

14. Keski-Korhonen Peppi, Sturen lista

15. Kolu Susanna, HH United

16. Mirjamo Janette, PROTalko

17. Touronen Ville, Atkins-lista (Chairperson)

18. Launis Siiri, HH United

19. Hoikkala Gabriel, PROTalko

20. Hakanen Juho, HH United

Vice Members:

21. Ranta Juhis, Joura

22. Hujakka Janne, PROTalko

23. Salenius Anton, PROTalko

24. Kiiveri Sonja, Sturen lista

25. Hautamäki Iida, HH United

26. Vatanen Petra, PROTalko

27. Laakkonen Joonas, HH United

28. Kurppa Joonas, Atkins-lista

29. Nurminen Esko, HH United

30. Rapatti Timo, HH United

31. Rope Tua, PROTalko

32. Maaranen Emilia, HH United