New memberships have arrived!

Join Helga and enjoy the best time of your life with our services! Joining happens through Helga’s web store and it’s very easy:

1. Go to buy the correct membership from here!

2. Select membership period. Membership can be bought for one semester or one academic year. Membership for one semester is valid till the end of autumn or spring semester. Membership for one academic year is valid through the whole academic year.

3. Log in to the web store with your Facebook account or with previously created account. If you haven’t made an account yet, you can create one by clicking “Create an account”.

4. Select the wanted membership period and fill out the application form.

5. After filling out the application form you can go and pay the membership that you have selected.  Before the payment you can also continue shopping in the web store and get other products such as  coverall patches or tickets to the next student event at the same time.

After you have bought the membership it takes 2-3 days untill you can use the Student ID on mobile devices.

Student ID – Slice

Helga’s official Student ID is Slice -mobile app. Here’s how to use Slice:

1. After buying your membership, wait 2-3 working days

2.Go to

3. Select Haaga-Helia

4. Fill the form to receive the activation code (your information needs to match the information you’ve given in the form to join Helga, which you can check from Helga’s web store in the “Memberships” -section of your profile)

5. Download the Slice app from Google Play or App Store

6. Check your phone’s settings to give the app permission to give notifications on important bulletins

7. Give the app the permission to use your phone’s gallery

8. Open the app and log in

9. Enter the username and password you received via email (activation code)

10. Accept the terms, the app can’t be used before that

11. If you have the Frank app, you don’t need it anymore and can delete it

12. You’re up to date!

Read more about Slice from our bulletin.


Activating your digital student ID – Pivo

1. Download Pivo on your phone and deploy it by login in with your online bank service credentials.

2. Open Pivo and go choose the Student-ID.

3. Start using it by following the instructions on the app.


What does the membership include? Read everything from here!