Membership includes

Student ID

After joining your student union you are entitled to get a student ID. Helga’s official Student ID is Slice -mobile app. With the student ID you can get all student discounts such as cheaper student lunches, public transport and discounts from hundreds of companies in Finland. In our web store you can use your own student union’s benefits right after becoming a member.

The Slice app is loaded into a mobile phone and so the student card always stays handily with you. Detailed instructions on how to get started with Slice can be found here!

Read more about the Slice student benefits!


Member price from events and products (1 = 6)

As a member of Helga you will get all events and products for half the price both from the web store and customer service points. This applies not only to the events and products of Helga, but those of all six student unions in the metropolitan area as well.


Zone -Sports pass (value 69€)

With Sports pass you get to move around the capital city area! The sports pass has been made to support students and staff of Universities of Applied Sciences to move and be more active in day to day basics. With sports pass you have access to nine (9) different gyms, around 50 hours of instucted classes per week, discount from sports courses, free ball game and badminton reservations and discount from Rush trampoline park.

You can activate your sports pass from the closest member service point! Before doing this please visit and click on the yellow “Log In” button on the right top corner of the page and create yourself a profile!
NB! If you have had a zone sports pass or a zone gym pass before, please don’t make a new profile! New sports pass can be activated for your previous profile instead!


Yogobe, yoga services online (value 199€)

Together with many of the leading professionals within yoga, health and wellness Yogobe offers on-demand video streaming online. Practice on your own terms based on your individual daily needs. Yogobe lowers the threshold in managing to create a healthy and sustainable routine in your life!

You can activate Yogobe online yoga services by sending a message to your student unions memberservices via customer service chat or email!

NB: Yogobe codes work from September to September. Remember to ask us for a new code always after summer!


Online training

Our online training platform offer many different online trainings! Do you want to learn how to boost your applications when searching a job or  how to develop your working life skills? If you said yes, then this is the place to be! Learn useful skills from where ever you are!
Currently all videos are in Finnish, but we will add videos in other languages in the future.

Do the following in order to gain access to online training platform:
1. Make sure you have a valid student union membership
2. Create a Vimeo profile at from the Join Free button.
3. Go to the Settings of your profile from the top right corner from the expanding menu.
4. On top of the setting menu on the left you will find your profile details. Copy your User ID number.
5. Go to and fill the form.

We will add your account to the platform, and in the future you can watch the videos i.e. using a mobile app.


Member is a part of the community

In addition to organizing events Helga enables a platform for student-organized club activity and supports clubs formed by students.

As a member of Helga you can also influence decision-making concerning students. Member can vote and set oneself as a candidate in representative council elections as well as apply for the board. Members have the possibility to be a tutor and work as student representatives in Haaga-Helia’s organs.

Read more from here!


In addition your membership fee provides you with the following services

Advocacy – Helga promotes the interest of students both in and outside of Haaga-Helia with the intention to secure your educational journey. Our website has the What’s Wrong? -form that you can use to ask for help in situations when your rights as a student have been violated (i.e. grading is late or you’ve faced harassment). In addition to the board there are 4 full-time employed professionals with years of experience in student advocacy working for your well-being.

Tutoring – Helga trains all tutors in Haaga-Helia. Tutors help especially new students in every day matters of student life and act as a link to the student union. As a member of Helga you can apply to be a tutor yourself.

Information – We keep you up to date with current topics affecting the everyday life of students via social media and our newsletter Splash.

Internationality – Helga has 2 international action groups, IDS Helga and ESN Helga, that aim to promote internationality in the Haaga-Helia student community by organizing events and activities in English.