Official Helga documents are mostly not translated. You can find documents such as Helga’s rules on our Finnish site.

Rules and directives

Student Club Directive

Guiding documents for advocacy

Urban Policy Program

Helga’s strategy

Helga’s strategy – Summary in English


Tutor report (peer and exchange tutors)

Head tutor report


Member Registry

Data privacy registry for events

Data privacy registry for tutoring

Data privacy registry contact form for harassment or inappropriate treatment

Data Privacy registry for the What´s Wrong?-form

Data Privacy registry for hallopeds

Data Privacy registry for the purpose of monitoring participation in the study module

Other forms

Expense form

International activity report template

Graphic material

Helga logo (packed)

Member initiative

Do you have ideas how Helga could improve it’s activity? Is there something that your Student Union could organize, offer or carry out? As a Helga member you can make a straight member initiative to Helga!

This is how you can proceed:

1) Write your idea and send it by e-mail to Helga Board’s Chairperson

a) The Board will make a statement concerning your initiative at its’ Board Meeting – you have the right to speak and to be present during the discussion
b) The Board will pass the statement to Helga’s Representative Council which will make the decision concerning the initiative

2) Come to the Representative Councils’ Meeting – as a Helga member you have the right to speak and to be present

Note! With more ordinary ideas and propositions, you can always be in contact with Helga Board members! If the idea is good and executable (budget/action plan) the Board is able to function without too many formalities.