Student Card

Members of Student Union Helga can order a student card. Before ordering the card join your Student Union Helga here. Note that synchronizing Helga member register and Frank system may take couple of days!

Student card is the most important card to you. It is the only official student ID card legally accepted in Finland and the holder of the card is entiteled to all student benefits.

Digital student card

Helga recommends a digital student card – Frank App! The digital student card is an official student identification in Finland,
including access to discounts from VR, local transportation and student lunches. Browse through discounts based on location.

Additional features for the app are ISIC licence (3€ per year) and MobilePay.

Frank Application is available for IOS and Android systems. The app is free of charge.

Student benefits

As a holder of a student ID you have access to Frank service. Frank provides student identification and student benefits under the same roof. All benefits are listed to your Frank App. If unable to use the app or if you are a holder of the old plastic card, the online benefits and discounts are available by registering in Frank’s website.

Also note that here are lots of discounts not yet listed, so always remember to ask for student discount when paying anywhere!

International Student Identity Card – ISIC 

You can combine the international ISIC card to your student card in order to receive thousands of student benefits abroad as well as in Finland. Several airlines also offer student priced flight tickets, to which, with ISIC, you’re entiteled to for the duration of your studies. You can buy a digital ISIC-licence in the Frank App 3€per year.

Read more about benefits at ISIC website.

Plastic Student Cards

Plastic card is for students who need or want a concrete card as an ID or those who cannot download Frank App. The options are listed below.  After joining the student union the card is ordered via Frank’s website.

Plastic Student Mastercard Debit (0€, with ISIC licence +15€) is a student card & Mastercard Debit in the same package. You can use the same card for student identification and paying. The card enables contactless payment for quicker lunch payments. You will become a Danske Bank customer and get their Silver service package, including bank account and bank credentials, without any monthly fees until you’re 28. Delivery in 2-3 weeks. Read more about Student Mastercard Debit here.

Plain Plastic Student Card (15,10€ + delivery fee, with ISIC licence +15€) is a simple card without payment feature. Delivery in 2–3 weeks.

After receiving the card you need to collect a validation sticker for the card at Helga Point or at one of the local associations: at Haaga campus – Pore ry,  at Malmi campus – Hattara ry,  at Porvoo capmus – HePo ry and at Vierumäki campus – Tahkon Talli. Please present your order/payment receipt when collecting your sticker from the local associations.

The card is valid with the sticker only. You need to collect a new sticker yearly from Helga after renewing your membership.