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Student Union

Member Service Helga Point

Helga Point

Chat is open:
mon-fri  9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
sat-sun closed

Chat-messages are answered within two (2) minutes. If we are not able to answer due to rush hours, we will ask the customer to give us their email address and we will get back to them in a short moment.
When the Chat is closed you can still contact us through the Chat with your email. We will answer every message during the next working day.

Student Union

The Student Union of Haaga-Helia – Helga
Ratapihantie 13, PL 207
00520 Helsinki

The Board

Chairperson of the board
Iida Tervo



Vice-chairperson of the board
Julia Tuuri

Services and events


Member of the board
Joona Ahokas


Member of the board
Alex Palm


Member of the board
Niko Ahlgren


Member of the board
Josefiina Lähdekorpi


Member of the board
Minna Huurrekorpi


Member of the board
Kaisa Manner


Member of the board
Erica Alaluusua


Member of the board
Konsta Reuter



The whole advocacy team can be contacted via email eva[a] and the events and services team via email pata[a] To contact the whole board, use hallitus[a] -email address.


Executive Director
Jani Mäntysaari
045 850 4280
General affairs
Harassment Contact Person


Tea Sissonen
045 110 8943
Tutoring, sport services, events
Harassment Contact Person


Nelli Pihlasviita
040 847 9350
Advocacy, influencing
Harassment Contact Person


Paula Jantunen
045 110 8952
Membership, student card
Communications and marketing