Helga is implementing an extensive “Year of Wellness” -campaign throughout the academic year 2019/2020. The goal of the campaign is not only to make students aware of the support network and services supporting well-being available for them, but also to increase awareness of the problems many students are facing. The other theme of the campaign is to create an atmosphere and culture of caring in the whole haagahelian community and increased social responsibility via student well-being.

During the Year of Wellness we will delve into different areas of wellness and matters relating to it, such as community, happiness, physical health, bullying and stress management. Each theme has their own month, during which we will share information about it in social media and on our website, and organize different small events around the Haaga-Helia campuses.

The idea for the campaign was sparked by the worrying findings of the Higher Education Students’ health study (KOTT 2016), which suggested every third student is facing mental difficulties (tiredness, sleeping problems, learning problems, concentration problems, depression, anxiety, tension, constant overstress, feeling unhappy and so forth). We hope the campaign will give you the keys to preventing and tackling these problems.

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