February: Recognize, intervene


                              Bullying and harassment are terms, which are explained simply in a following way 
                                        "it is repeated and systematic denial, insult and humiliation"
                              Bullying and harassment are experienced individually and are subjective experiences.

What will happen in February?

We are launching a light minded competition for the whole month, where we challenge all Haaga-Helia students to give compliments to each other! At the beginning of the month, we hand out heart-shaped papers that can be hung around the neck. Point is to collect names from people you have given a compliment. By sharing a photo of your heart on social media (Instagram) and tagging @helga_hki and using the #tag or #recognizeintervene, you will be participating to a raffle where uou can win movie tickets!

What is harassment?

During the month, we will post three blog posts that will explain further definitions of harassment and abuse among other things, on authors’ own experiences. We will also produce and publish a podcast with theme: bullying. The podcast will be hosted by NRJ’s Venla Kokkonen and will have speakers from Helga  Tea Sissonen and Haaga-Helia’s pastor Kaisa Iso-Herttua. We will update the direct links to this article as soon as the blog posts and podcast are published.

Harassment contact persons

There are currently three harassment contact persons at Helga. A harassment contact person is a support person you can turn to if you feel that you have been bullied or harassed by another student or staff member. The harassment contact person will advise and support you in resolving the harassment situations. The discussions are fully confidential and any further action taken are up to the person who took contact. In February, a video is coming out where Helga’s staff will explain in more detail what harassment contact persons do and how to contact them.