December: Be You


“Every human being is born equal and have the same basic rights. Higher education is equally available for everyone regardless of age, ethnic background and nationality, language, religion and beliefs, opinions, wealth, state of health, disabilities, sexual orientation or other personal matters.
Helga is against all discrimination and works actively to remove that from the student community…

…Accessibility is taken into account in everything that happens in Haaga-Helia. Not only physical barriers of accessibility are being tackled, but all psychological and social barriers are taken into account as well.”
-Helga’s political program


Breaking down barriers

Helga’s social media focus for the month of December will be about raising awareness and facilitating conversation about equality and accessibility issues that face students in Finland and around the world. A specific focus will be put on issues that were presented by the Accessibility survey Helga conducted in 2018. The aim of the month is to break down barriers affecting students by healthy dialog and by providing students with the information they need to report issues they face. Awareness is the first step in solving issues that are facing our students today. Although Helga leads the way for the whole community to be accepting, there are always improvements that can be made. Helga strives to be an evolving organization rather than one stuck in the past, and as such, we feel it’s important that we open our mind to ideas that we might not be aware of so that we can improve as an organization and a community.


What’s going to happen?

Helga will host a well-being calendar on social media from 1.-24.12. in which we will present the findings of the Accessibility survey and open conversation on specific issues. We will also showcase Haaga-Helia’s equality & accessibility plan and how it offers solutions for these problems. We hope that students affected by issues that we are not aware of take advantage of the open conversation and bring these matters to our attention.