March: Don´t stress


“Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you respond to it”
-Lou Holtz

Healthy stress

Stress is perfectly normal; the key, like with everything else in life, is moderation. Stress can help motivate us to work effectively, and motivate us to accomplish our goals. However, too much stress, or feeling stress for to long, is dangerous for our health. We should always be sure to take breaks, and recognize our limitations as to not put unrealistic expectations on ourselves. Different things cause stress in different people, so knowing oneself and one’s triggers is also incredibly important in healthy stress identification and management.

Stress is not just an individual thing; what community expects of us is also a large contributing factor to the stress we feel. It is important that we not only encourage ourselves to find healthy ways to deal with stress, but also other members of the community around us.


What happens in March?

Throughout March Helga will share information on stress and time management techniques. We will be delving into the topics of recognizing stressers, healthy ways to cope with stress, where to get help, and provide time management tips. We will also be organizing “time-out” -events on all campuses in co-operation with Haaga-Helia, where students will be encouraged to take a time-out from their daily routine and be instructed on stress-relieving exercises in person. We hope that students on all campuses will take an advantage of this opportunity and learn more on how to cope with stress.