September: Be the community


“…community for the students”

September will start out Helga’s Year of Wellness -campaign. The first month of the campaign will focus on the student community. During this month we will give you the information to find and tools to create the communities that best suit your interests and needs.


Why is community essential for well-being?

Community can be difficult to define, but the sense of community is still present in our lives, one way or another, and thus affects us all. Even though there’s been little research on the health benefits of community, researchers of different fields all have the consensus that the effect is positive.

According to the Students’ Health survey (2016) 22% of UAS and University students don’t feel like they belong in a community, and up to 10% felt loneliness. According to a Harvard study, loneliness is directly connected to depression and decreased mental function, and social connection is the key factor in well-being. To battle this problem, and as an organization that seeks to include all students, Helga is striving to be a community each and every student can feel a part of. This means that students can find activities and groups of people that are tailored to their interests and hobbies. If those communities don’t already exist, the infrastructure and aid to create them does. Making students aware of this process and thus increasing the inclusiveness of our community is Helga’s aim for this month and part of our mission for the entire campaign. Helga’s community is defined by its members so where better to put the tools to build it than in their hands?


What happened in September?

Throughout the month of September Helga organized a variety of events targeted towards wellness, all of which will include representatives from clubs and communities that already exist in Haaga-Helia. Trustees of Helga were be available to help those students who do not find a community that fits their interests to build one.

– 3.9. Vierumäki recreation day (for new students)
– 11.9. 11.9. Helga Freshers’ Party
– 16.9. 16.9. Helga Well-being Appro: Porvoo
– 17.9. Helga Well-being Appro: Pasila
– 19.9. Helga Well-being Appro: Malmi
– 23.9. Helga Well-being Appro: Haaga
– 24.9. Helga Well-being Appro: Vierumäki