#OPISKELIJANTURVANA: Student Mental Heath Day – Stress and How to Cope

Each year, Student Mental Health Day is held in the Spring and a different issue for students is targeted. This year, on April 25th, students around the world will be discussing stress, how it impacts the lives of students, and how we can identify and relieve what is stressing us. How we decide to cope and handle stress has a large impact on our mental health and and our well being in general.

Stress is perfectly normal; the key, like with everything else in life, is moderation. Stress can help motivate us to work effectively, and motivate us to accomplish our goals. However, too much stress, or feeling stress for to long, is dangerous for our health. We should always be sure to take breaks, and recognize our limitations as to not put unrealistic expectations on ourselves. Different things cause stress in different people, so knowing oneself and one’s triggers is also incredibly important in healthy stress identification and management.

Stress is not just an individual thing; what community expects of us is also a large contributing factor to the stress we feel. It is important that we not only encourage ourselves to find healthy ways to deal with stress, but also other members of the community around us. Therefore, to help facilitate the conversation about stress, Helga will organize a Students’ Mental Health Day event in the lobby of a the Pasila campus together with the Haaga-Helia well-being services and other well-being-oriented organizations on the 25th of April to help students to identify their stressors and learn healthy coping methods.

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Kasimir Karlstedt
Member of the board, advocacy