Helga is selling products that will make your life in the student culture more fun!

Coveralls bring all students together and helps you to recognize your student colleagues from the colorful student crowds as we Haaga-Helia students are all wearing the same color.


Helga members – 39€

Others – 78€

Coverall patches

You can make your coveralls personal by collecting and changing coverall patches in student events or buying them from Helga or associations. You also have a chance to baptize your coveralls for use in Helga’s 8 Day May Day  – just remember to follow the coverall etiquette when attaching the patches!

Coverall patches can be bought from Helga Point or from our web store!

It is possible to attach useful items to yours coveralls – for example bottle opener. We at Helga are selling shot glasses and champange glasses made from plastic. Attach these to your coveralls and make celebrating easier!

Shot glass with ribbon – 3,5€ members / 7€ others

Champange glass with ribbon- 5,5€ members / 11€ others


Helga rents small and big lockers for students at Haaga-Helia Pasila campus. You will have the key after you have paid the rent and the deposit at Helga Point



Small lockers
5€ / half a year
10€ / year

Big lockers
10€ / half a year
15€ / year


Deposit fee is 15 € which will be returned to you after you have ended your rent and have returned the key.

isotAt Pasila campus there are over 500 small and big lockers. Big lockers are all on K1 floor, small lockers you can find on the 1st, the 4th and the 5th floor.
You can renew your locker’s term of lease at the end of the year (31.12.) or at the end of the spring semester (31.5.). If you lose your key you will lose your deposit (15 €). Please let us know if you have lost your key.