Zone Sports Services


Zone sport services offer variety of affordable and inspiring sports for all

Zone – Universities of Applied Sciences Sport Services is responsible of delivering sport services for Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia Universities of Applied Sciences. Zone launch was on 16th of January 2017. Click here for more info!


With Sports Pass you have the opportunity to attend to instructed classes, courses and go to the gym.


39€/Spring term

You can buy the Sports Pass from Helga Point or Zone’s online store.


With Gym Pass you can use all of the 9 gyms in the Helsinki area to grow your muscles!


20€/Spring term

You can buy the Gym Pass from Helga Point or Zone’s online store.


Other sport activities

Porvoo student association HePo ry organizes sporty activities near campus almost every week. Check their Facebook page here.