What is a Speksi?

Speksi is a student play that has established its place in the student culture in the Nordics. It combines theatrical play, improvisation, dance and music. The special feature of Speksi is the Omstart! yell (Swedish for “do it again!”) that allows the audience to have an interactive role during the play. After the Omstart! the person who called it may define what (s)he wants the actors to do differently. For instance, “Omstart! Characters X and Y change roles!” forces the actors to play each others roles for a while. Only the sky is limit when the cast and the audience try to make it to the end of the play without falling over with laughter. Read more about the history of Speksi on Wikipedia.

Pictures: Joni Ketola


The history of Helga’s Speksi

The story of Helga’s Speksi started with the Student Culture 2.0 -initiate, which was implemented in 2016 to find out what Helga members want Helga’s student culture to be like in the future. Speksi became one of the central ideas produced by Student Culture 2.0, and the production of the Speksi started in the spring of 2017 to meet the growing demand for cultural and non-alcoholic events. Helga’s first Speksi, Meloni Oy, had its premiere in the May of 2018.

2018 – Meloni Oy (Melon Inc.)
A work group at Meloni Oy gets assigned to organize a launch event for a new mystery product. For some reason everything seems to go sideways, one crazy idea after another blows, and even the manager seems suspicious…

2019 – Rakkaudesta Vankilaan
Actions have been taken to improve the inmates’ well-being in a prison. Therefore Mikael, Marius, Anna and Veronica have ended up in group therapy together. The therapist is trying to calm down the young and fiery Anna, who constantly ends up fighting with the stone-cold CEO Marius. Mikael is trying to cheer everyone up by sharing his own romantic view of the world with the group while Veronica is silently drawing and daydreaming of the future.
These four don’t really get along until they reveal the story of how they ended up in prison in the first place. Is there something more connecting them than just mistakes and passions of their youth as well as a couple of very peculiar police officers? We will soon find out if it is fate or something else entirely that has brought these people together…


Production team

The Production Team is responsible for the production of Helga’s Speksi. The team is selected for the duration of one production, which is not tied to the calendar year, and consists of the following people:

Executive producer: Juulia Alanko
Director: Jussi-Pekka Silventoinen
Marketing manager: Elina Sivonen
Executive screenwriter: Erica Alaluusua
Band manager: Rebekka Linnove
Costumes and make-up manager: Maija Uhre
Set manager: –
Dance- and choreography manager: –
Technical manager: –

Recruitment for set, dance & choreography and technical managers will start in the autumn.

You can follow the development of the production in Facebook and Instagram (@helganspeksi). Also the recruitment to different parts of the production is announced there. By following Helga’s Speksi on social media you will join a cultural journey that’s only possible in a student community!

Don’t hesitate to contact the production team at helganspeksi@gmail.com even if you don’t speak Finnish.