101 for Helga’s events

Are you a fresher or just getting to know the student culture? Don’t worry! By reading this page you will learn everything necessary about Helga’s events!

Photo: Annu Keskisaari

Freshers’ Party: =Fuksiaiset. A welcome party for all the freshmen in Haaga-Helia, which include a daytime checkpoint round and an after party.  There will be predefined theme, and we wish that all the groups would dress according that theme.
Hint: You can have theme-oriented joint song, shout or other performance with your group, it may give your team some extra points!

8 Day May Day: =8 Päivän Wappu. May Day, or Wappu, is the biggest students’ celebration in Finland. Helga’s 8 Day May Day THE event lasting 12 days that climaxes on Labour Day (Wappu) on 1st of May. Each day has their own events and themes. Participants are collecting stamps to the wappupassi (may day pass). With a certain amount of stamps, participants will get a 8 Day May Day -coverall patch. #wabueilobu (#maydayneverends)

Photo: Pekka Korvuo

Annual Gala and etiquette: =vuosijuhlat or vujut. The annual gala is the most prestigious event of the student union.

The main event of the annual gala is a dinner that consists of a three-course meal and special programme. The dinner lasts for approximately five hours. Especially during dinner it is important to remember proper and dignified manners, listen to the programme and pay attention to your company. The toastmaster makes sure that everything flows according to plan and that every attendant knows what to do.

The proper dress at an annual gala is a white tie or dark suit for men and evening gown for women. Academic medals or ribbons may also be worn. Women should wear a shawl until the main course is eaten. Hair should be tied up, unless it is really short.

Herring breakfast: =silliaamiainen, or sillis. A brunch in the morning after the gala. You may wear coveralls or regular clothes.

If you need small info about the other events, such as sitsit, check out our dictionary

As a member of your Student Union you’re always entitled to have -50% off of the prices, except for a few exceptional events that will inform about it separately. This includes all events organized by the six different Student Unions in the capital region. Read more from www.opiskelijakuntasi.fi.