Tutoring is peer support in which students help other students. In Helga and Haaga-Helia we have four tutor groups: peer tutors, Callidus tutors, Zone sports tutors and exchange student tutors. Tutoring activities are coordinated by Helga.

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welcome new degree students to Haaga-Helia and introduce them to the practicalities of their own degree programme. Tutors are assigned for each incoming student group. Students can contact their peer tutors throughout the academic year. Tutor’s task is to support the integration to the student community of Haaga-Helia, ease the group formation and introduce the services of Haaga-Helia to the new student. New student can ask peer tutor’s to help  with all matters related to Haaga-Helia and study practicalities.

Tutoring is a Haaga-Helia course of 3 ETSC.

Tutoring in part-time studies is also developed. At the moment the active tutors in part-time studies are in the Finnish Business and IT studies. More info from the Helga specialist (ohjaus@helga.fi).

Could I be a peer tutor?

The comparison criteria are group working skills, activity, dominance or impressiveness, flexibility, argumentation and performance. In case of more applicants than positions, group dynamics of the whole group is considered. 

The next recruitment is in February 2019.



are tutors for the incoming exchange students, who introduce the Finnish culture and Haaga-Helia. Tutors are in touch with exchange students already before they arrive in Finland. Tutors help exchange students in practical matters, pick them up from the airport upon arrival and also show them around in their new home town. Exchange student tutors can participate actively to the work of ESN Helga by organizing events and trips for exchange students.

Tutoring is a Haaga-Helia course of 3-5 ETSC.

Could I be a exchange student tutor?
The comparison criteria are group working skills, activity, dominance or impressiveness, flexibility, argumentation and performance. In case of more applicants than positions, group dynamics of the whole group is considered.

The next recruitment is in March 2019.


are students who support the learning process of a student and offer peer support in studies. A callidus-tutor helps the student face-to-face or organises a study circle for several students. Callidus-tutor is not a professional teacher, but knows his or her subject matter well enough to help you to learn.

Need help with your studies? Helga Callidustutors can be found here!

Please note, that Callidus is not a teacher but a student as well. Callidus can only help you to learn; sometimes another student just explains things just right for you to understand! Callidus cannot replace the professional teaching of Haaga-Helia staff members. Callidus does not necessarily have all the answers but they can help you to find it.

Could I be a Callidus tutor?
You don’t need to be a peer tutor or an expert in your own field to become a Callidus tutor. It’s enough if you know your subject well enough to assist in the learning process of someone else. To support your work the student union gives a 4 hour training in the end of every semester regarding the basics of Callidus tutoring. There is also a networking meeting every half a year. Callidus gets support also from Haaga-Helia teachers.

Callidus-tutors mostly work independently, but you can also team up with another callidus-tutor. It’s up to you to decide how many students you want to help at a time. You will also agree on the times individually with the students who have contacted you. To earn study credits you will keep a diary to keep track of your activities. Once your tutoring period is over, you will be rewarded with study credits for your efforts. Furthermore, you can will receive a certificate of your work. Tutoring is a Haaga-Helia course of 1-5 ETSC.

Helga is developing Callidustutoring. We are not taking new applications at this time. For more information, you can contact Helga’s board member Joonas Laakkonen, joonas.laakkonen@helga.fi.



It is essential for sports tutors to be excited about sports instead of being professional in some sports. The role of a Zone Tutor is to inspire, motivate and encourage student to do leisure sports and to become physically active. We’re especially hoping for you to reach to those students that do none or minimum amount of any sport. You can do activities in or outside the new Zone Sport Services – we’ll train and support you during the whole experience.

Could I be a Zone tutor?

As a Zone Tutor you’ll get credits, a Sports Pass, Zone Tutor shirt and benefits only targeted for Zone Tutors. Zone looking for Zone-tutors from the students of Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia.

As a Zone Tutor you improve your organizing, performance and social skills, your capacity to lead and most of all you will meet great people and have fun! Don’t forget the opportunity to do sports with them (for free). After successful tutoring you need to return a report and a learning diary for receiving 3-5 ETCS. Tutoring period is beginning in May 2018 and till the end March 2019.

The next recruitment is in Spring 2019.