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Helsinki 02.01.2019

The student union of Haaga-Helia – Helga will merge Callidus tutoring to be a part of other core functions of the union. The aim is to have services similar to what Callidus tutoring is now, to be a part of Peer tutoring. With an the introduction of a new type of learning events in the future. The reformation has been discussed with Haaga-Helia’s academic advisers, and is scheduled to happen during the year of 2019.

Callidus tutoring has been an incredibly burdening and challenging integrity, which hasn’t had any clear procedures even though it has put under a tight surveillance. According to feedback that Helga has received Callidus tutoring is partly a functional service, but there has been hopes to give it a new direction.

During 2018 Helga renewed the process, and added a new way of monitoring usage of time. The registry was updated and with this update it was noticed that many Callidus tutors had ended their services, which is easily explained by the fact that Callidus tutors are mostly Students who are finishing their studies and graduating. The amount of Callidus tutors decreased and there was more demand for them than Helga was able to offer. This brought up the need to review the situation again.

Callidus tutoring will in the near future be partly incorporated with Peer tutoring. In this renewal the goal is to give Peer tutors more and better tools to help the ones in need. This will give a wider selection of peer tutoring in different subjects.

The events in the Annual Wheel of peer tutoring is aimed to be more regular, as in right now the study module for peer tutoring lasts for one Year and the events are mostly focused on the beginning of a new Term. The goal is to add more activities in to this module and lengthen the occupation for a longer time period. In the future the study module would for example include light study circles based on the tutors know-how. The responsibility for the study circles will not be left on the tutors alone, as we will try to get support for the study circles from Haaga-Helia as well. Tutors would also be able to organize different kinds of events to support their knowledge and work through the Year. In the future it will be emphasized to the new Students that the help of the tutors can be used also in ordinary studying. This will improve the quality of the service and give a chance in peer studying to tutors through a new procedure.

The future of tutoring will be informed as the changes happen.


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Iida Tervo
Vice-chairperson of the Board