BULLETIN: Elina Viitaniemi for SAMOK board for 2020

The Student Union of Haaga-Helia – Helga nominates Elina Viitaniemi for the SAMOK board for the year 2020.

Elina Viitaniemi is a 24-year-old fourth year hospitality  management student from Haaga-Helia. During 2017-2019 she has been the chairperson of Haaga-Helia’s Porvoo campus student association HePo ry, the chairperson of Helga’s general election committee, and a member of the Helga board in 2019.

“Elina is a hard-working and determined doer, who can keep all the threads in her hands. During her term in the Helga board in 2019 Elina has gained experience about the Finnish student union field and remained conscious about matters relating to student well-being. I believe Elina is very capable to answer the challenges SAMOK will face in the upcoming year.” says the chairperson of the Helga board, Sami Ranta-aho.

During her term in the Helga board Elina has taken part in developing the student community as a member of the Services & Events team as well as Helga’s support team, being responsible for events and developing member services among other things. She has also taken part in developing the student union’s new strategy and planning an extensive well-being campaign for Helga.

”The year 2020 will be extremely important in terms of organizational development for SAMOK. SAMOK will renew its strategy during 2020, which will define the direction of SAMOK’s operations for the next four years. In the strategy we must take into account both the national and global changes university of applied sciences students will face in the future, and actively take part in reinforcing the status of university of applied sciences degrees compared to university degrees.”, states Viitaniemi.

Elina can be met during this week in SuomiAreena and during 8.-10.8. in SAMOK’s autumn start, and she can be contacted via email or social media. Elina is also happy to visit student unions upon invitation.


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